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  • Wednesday, January 1, 2003
  • Nucleophilic Cleavage of Substituted Benzyltrimethylsilanes using Tetraalkylammonium Fluoride in DMSO-H20 Media
  • Published at:Pakistan Journal of Applied Sciences 3(2): 125-128, 2003
  • The nucleophilic cleavage of substituted benzyltrimethyl-silanes in DMSO-Hz0 media using tetraalkylammonium fluoride, TAAF, has been studied. The observed rate constants, pseudo first order rate constants, activation, and thermodynamic parameters have been reported. A mechanism for such cleavage has been proposed. The results fit well Hammett equation. The reaction constant, p! value of (6.7) has been reported. The p value is consistent with a substantial negative charge developing in the transition state.


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Foad Mustafa Sabri Mahmoud
Organometallic Chemistry
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