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  • Wednesday, March 11, 2009
  • An Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian Geological and Hydrological Information Center (G.I.C.) for the Lower Jordan Valley Area
  • Published at:Water for Life in the Middle East
  • An Israeli-Palestinian-Jordanian integrated Geohydrological Information Center (G.I.C.) and data processing was constructed. The G.I.C. integrates all the data available with respect to the Dead Sea area, the Jordan River Valley and its margins. The objectives of the G.I.C. construction is to supply the core parties with the development of database to store, quality assure, analyze and exchange geological and hydrological information related to groundwater resources of the region. The G.I.C. conducted numerous activities to construct and improve the database for all core parties and to facilitate exchange of consistent and accurate data on regional water resources.  Improved capabilities to quantitatively analyze and use geohydrological data contribute to improve management of scarce and fragile groundwater resources in the region. Such regional G.I.C. can contribute not only to traditional geohydrological activities, such as well sitting, but also to advanced model of large-scale groundwater flow and transport. Advances in computer technology now allow realistic simulations of three-dimensional groundwater flow and simulation of flow and transport of saline waters beneath fresh rock aquifers. However, the accuracy of such models is largely based on the extent to which geohydrologic data, both quantitative and qualitative, is incorporated in the computer model input.

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