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  • Wednesday, September 1, 1999
  • Adsorptive stripping voltammetric determination of dimenhydrinate at a hanging mercury drop electrode
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  • Dimenhydrinate exhibits a single adsorptive stripping peak at a hanging mercury drop electrode after accumulation at 0.0V vs Ag/AgCl electrode at pH 3.8 (acetate buffer). The addition of trace amounts of copper ions enhanced the dimenhydrinate peak and its height depends on the concentration of each dimenhydrinate and Cu2+. The adsorptive stripping response was evaluated with respect to accumulation time and potential, concentration dependence, electrolyte, the presence of other purines, surfactants and other metal ions, and some variables. The calibration graph for dimenhydrinate determination is linear over the range 2.0×10–8–2.0×10–7 M (pre-concentration for 60s). The correlation factor is found to be 0.985 and RSD is 3.2% at 1.0×10–7 M. Detection limit is 1.0×10–8 M after 5 min accumulation. The determination of dimenhydrinate in pharmaceutical formulations by the proposed method is also reported.


    Microchimica Acta, Volume 130, Number 3 / September, 1999


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