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  • Thursday, April 16, 2009
  • العلاقات السعودية الفلسطينية كما يصورها الشعر الفلسطيني
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    Having reviewed a number of poems dealing with the topic of Saudi-Palestinian relations, the researcher has found that the Palestinian  poets have dealt with this theme since the mid-thirties of the twentieth century.  These poets hoped  for the best of king Abdul-Aziz, particularly, when they compared his attitude with those of other Arab leaders.  This feeling gained strength because King Abdul-Aziz, as a custodian of the two Holy Harams, represented the religious leadership; and that he became a symbol of Arab Unity after he unified the Arabian Peninsula under his authority.


    The Palestinian poets who dealt with this topic tackled two aspects: the first concerned the visits of Saudi Princes to Palestine,  or the visits of the poets of Palestine to Hijaz.  The second aspect dealt with the role of the Arab leaders, among whom was king Abdul-Aziz, to end  the 1936 Strike in Palestine.


    It has been noted that the political atmosphere  prevailing in the poems and the discourse addressing the Saudis were, in most poems, friendly.

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