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  • Sunday, March 1, 1998
  • Pulse-by-pulse reoptimization of the synthesis filter inpulse-based coders
  • Published at:Speech and Audio Processing, IEEE Transactions on, Volume 6, Issue 2, Mar 1998 Page(s):180 - 185
  • Two iterative algorithms for pulse-based linear predictive (PB-LP) analysis are developed. At the kth step, one of the algorithms assumes that the pulse locations of k pulses are known and calculates the LP coefficients jointly with k pulse amplitudes. In contrast, the other algorithm assumes that the previous k-1 pulse amplitudes are known and jointly estimates the LP filter coefficients and the kth pulse amplitude. These algorithms are proposed for synthesis filter reoptimization in pulse-based LP coders, and their effectiveness in multipulse coding is demonstrated through several simulations.

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