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  • Wednesday, February 25, 2009
  • Kalman Filter Channel Estimation Based On Comb-Type Pilots for OFDM
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    Kalman-filter method have been used for the estimation of time-frequency-selective fading
    channels in OFDM systems, the estimation is based on Comb- type pilot frequencies
    arrangement, the channel coefficients that belong to the pilot subcarriers are estimated.
    Then these estimates are interpolated using different types of interpolations like; Low pass
    interpolation, Spline cubic interpolation or Linear interpolation. The performances of all
    schemes have been compared by finding Bit Error Rate where BPSK modulation scheme
    was used.

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  • Sunday, January 1, 2006
  • Evaluation of the RC4 Algorithm for Data Encryption
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  • Analysis of the effect of different parameters of the RC4 encryption algorithm where examined. Some experimental work was performed to illustrate the performance of this algorithm based on changing some of these parameters. The execution time as a function of the encryption key length and the file size was examined; this has been stated as complexity and security. Various data types were analyzed and the role of the data type was also emphasized. The results have been analyzed and interpreted as mathematical equations showing the relationship between the examined data and hence can be used to predict any future performance of the algorithm under different conditions. The order of the polynomial to approximate the execution time was justified.
    IJCSA 3(2): 44-56 (2006)
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