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  • Wednesday, October 31, 2007
  • Tensile Properties of Extruded Short GlassFibre/Low Density Polyethylene Composites
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    Home-made single screw extruder was designed and constructed with screw length to diameter ratio 20:1 operating at different screw speeds ranging from
    7-28 rpm and at different temperatures. The extruder was used to produce rod
    composite samples composed of low density polyethylene and short E-glass fibre. The
    effects of fibre contents and extruder operating variables on the tensile modulus and
    ductility were investigated. The tensile modulus increased with fibre weight percent up
    to 10.52 wt% as residual fibre content (20 wt% prepared sample before processing)
    and had a value of 827 MPa, then slightly decreased to lower values due to bad wettability
    and poor distribution/dispersion of fibres in the LDPE matrix. The clear
    decrease in fibre content after processing (residual fibre content) which is about 40-
    55% is due to the sticking of fibres in hopper or in the different extruder z
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Shadi Husni Abdel -Rahman Swalha
MSc. in Innovative Materials and Technologies
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