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  • Thursday, October 1, 1992
  • Effects of root and foliar treatments of carrot plants with lead and cadmium on the growth, uptake and the distribution of uptake of metals in treated plants
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  • Toxicity of cadmium and lead on the growth of carrot plants has been studied. Cadmium has been found to be more toxic than lead especially on the shoots of carrot plants.

    Foliar treatment has been compared with root-treatment for the two elements on carrots and on their roots and shoots.

    Concentrations and total contents of lead and cadmium in whole plant in roots and in shoots have been determined for treated carrot plants and compared in root-treatment with foliar-treatment. Explanations have been suggested whenever possible to illucidate the results obtained.

    Percentages of the metals taken by plants from the whole amounts of metal added during treatment have been calculated and related to type of metal used, concentration of metal in solutions used for treatment and the way of treatment.
    Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A, Volume 27, Issue 7 October 1992 , pages 1739 - 1758
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