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  • Monday, January 1, 1990
  • Simulation Of Carbon Dioxide Absorption Into Sodium Hydroxide Solution In Nutter-Valve Plate Column
  • Published at:Hung.J. Ind. Chem. 18., 67-79 (1990).
  • The profiles of temperature, concentrations and hydrodynamic parameters along the column height were simulated for the absorption of carbon dioxide into a sodium hydroxide solution of total concentration up to 4.4 N in a Nutter-valve plate column. The influence of the CO2 concentration in the gas phase on the temperature and concentration profiles was estimated. The results of simulation were compared to an experiment for the case of low concentration of CO2 in the gas phase (~1%) and low concentration of Na OH solution (~1 N). Comparison of the Nutter-valve and sieve plate columns is also presented.

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