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  • Friday, October 1, 1982
  • Orientational order parameters of nematogenic trans-4-propyl cyclohexyl-4 (trans-4-alkyl cyclohexyl) benzoates
  • Published at:Pramana, Volume 19, Number 4 / October, 1982
  • The refractive indices and densities of three members of trans-4-propyl cyclohexyl-4 (trans-4-alkyl cyclohexyl) benzoates are reported as functions of temperature in the nematic and isotropic phases. The principal molecular polarizabilities and order parameters (S) have been evaluated using the anisotropic internal field model (Neugebauer’s approach). Also order parameters have been estimated by studying the dipole-dipole splittings in the wide line proton magnetic resonance (PMR) spectra. The results obtained are in close agreement with those obtained from refractive index measurements.

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