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  • Sunday, January 1, 2006
  • The Effect of Beams Stiffnesses on the Load Distribution in a Single Simply Supported Two-Way Ribbed Slab
  • Published at:The Islamic University Journal (Series of Natural Studies and Engineering), Vol.14, No.1, P.191-208, 2006
  • SAP2000 program is used to analyze single simply supported two-way ribbed slab models from 5 x 5m to 5 x 25m, supported on beams of different stiffnesses. This paper concentrates on the distribution of the loads to the perimeter beams and to the ribs in both directions. The discussion of results showed that the distribution of moments along the parallel ribs in the short and long direction depends, in addition to the aspect ratio, on the relative stiffnesses of the slab (ribs) and the beams on which these ribs are supported. Also, the distribution of loads to the perimeter beams depends on the relative stiffness between the beams and the slab (ribs) in addition to the panel aspect ratio. Tables and curves that relate the load distribution factors with the aspect ratio and the relative stiffnesses of the supporting beams are presented as an outcome of this study.

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