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  • Thursday, January 1, 1998
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Accountability As a Comprehensive Approach for Developing Reporting and Disclosure Practices in Jordan
  • Published at:Dirasat, Administrative Sciences, Volume 25, No. 2, 1998
  • The purpose of this study was twofold: First, to assess the current framework of corporate reporting and disclosure practices of the large companies operating in Jordan in light of the country\'s economic, social and political environment. It highlighted possible limitations of this framework, and suggested an alternative approach that may provide a more relevant and adequate basis for such practices. Second, to explore the views amongst a sample of members of the accounting community in Jordan on: (a) the nations of corporate social responsibility and accountability, (b) the disclosure of corporate social responsibility information, (c) the possibility that legal and professional requirements calling for the disclosure of such information might be feasible, and (d) the possibility of implementing such a sort of disclosure in Jordan. The findings of the study suggest that a disclosure wider than one restricting itself to a consideration of a very limited set of stakeholders (i. e., providers of finance) within a strictly economic domain required of large businesses in a developing country like Jordan. Thus, an extension of the existing disclosure and reporting practices to include corporate social responsibility information is proposed. The findings also show that a vast majority of respondents are willing to accept that companies should disclose social responsibility information, although they tend to believe that these corporations would be unwilling to disclose this type of information without legal and professional pressures. Finally, participants agree that members of society other than providers of finance should have the right to information concerning actions for which the company may be held responsible.

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