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  • Monday, January 1, 2001
  • Status of the SHIPTRAP Project: A Capture and Storage Facility for Heavy Radionuclides fromSHIP
  • Published at:Hyperfine Interactions, Volume 132, Numbers 1-4 / January, 2001
  • The ion trap facility SHIPTRAP is being set up to deliver very clean and cool beams of singly-charged recoil ions produced at the SHIP velocity filter at GSI Darmstadt. SHIPTRAP consists of a gas cell for stopping and thermalizing high-energy recoil ions from SHIP, an rf ion guide for extraction of the ions from the gas cell, a linear rf trap for accumulation and bunching of the ions, and a Penning trap for isobaric purification. The progress in testing the rf ion guide is reported. A transmission of about 93(5)% was achieved.

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