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  • Wednesday, October 1, 2003
  • Noise pollution in factories in Nablus City
  • Published at:ACTA ACUSTICA UNITED WITH ACUSTICA Volume: 89 Issue: 5 Pages: 913-916 Published: SEP-OCT 2003
  • Noise pollution is becoming more and more important, especially in the industrialized and developed countries. Industrial noise is a serious environmental problem, which causes annoyance and disruption to daily activities. In the West Bank, however, there are so far no regulatory laws to limit high industrial noise levels. Due to a general lack of awareness about the ill effects of high noise levels, the owners of factories pay little attention to safety measures for their workers.
    Accordingly, this study is concerned with measuring the equivalent noise levels L-eq in 38 factories in Nablus city and comparison with international standards of noise. The obtained mean value of these levels is 85.5 dB(A). It has been found that the L-eq values for 40% of the selected factories are higher than the widely-adopted international standards. These factories are considered by the workers to be noisy sources. The continuous exposure of the workers to such high noise levels can cause hearing damage, speech masking
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  • Monday, January 1, 2001
  • Status of the SHIPTRAP Project: A Capture and Storage Facility for Heavy Radionuclides fromSHIP
  • Published at:Hyperfine Interactions, Volume 132, Numbers 1-4 / January, 2001
  • The ion trap facility SHIPTRAP is being set up to deliver very clean and cool beams of singly-charged recoil ions produced at the SHIP velocity filter at GSI Darmstadt. SHIPTRAP consists of a gas cell for stopping and thermalizing high-energy recoil ions from SHIP, an rf ion guide for extraction of the ions from the gas cell, a linear rf trap for accumulation and bunching of the ions, and a Penning trap for isobaric purification. The progress in testing the rf ion guide is reported. A transmission of about 93(5)% was achieved.
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  • Monday, May 1, 2000
  • Noise measurements in the community of Nablus in Palestine
  • Published at:ACUSTICA Volume: 86 Issue: 3 Pages: 578-580 Published: MAY-JUN 2000
  • This paper presents the main results obtained in a general study of noise pollution in the city of Nablus in Palestine. The equivalent noise level values (L-eq) were measured and tabulated for 50 locations spread over the area of the city. The obtained result of noise level of the 50 L-eq values is in average 68.0 dB(A). It has been found that the L-eq values for 58% of the selected locations are exceeding 65.0 dB(A). This result is obviously higher than the adopted international standards. Accordingly, the area of Nablus is considered an unacceptable living area. Hence, its buildings, streets and factories require severe reconstruction and modification plans. In addition, there should be adequate updated plans for setting up community noise surveys and ordinances.
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  • Saturday, April 1, 1995
  • The electronic excitation of atoms in atomization processes studied by resonance ionization mass spectrometry
  • Published at:AIP Conf. Proc. -- April 1, 1995 -- Volume 329, pp. 91-94
  • A laser ionization spectrometer designed for studying the atomization of metallic surfaces is presented. First experiments on polycrystalline nickel bombarded by 15 keV Ar+ ions are reported. The sputtered neutral atoms are selectively excited and ionized using resonance ionization spectroscopy. A comparison is made between the two step-one colour and the two step-two colour schemes. The influence of autoionizing states on the ionization process is discussed.
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  • Saturday, April 1, 1995
  • Element selective laser ion source for on-line mass separator
  • Published at:AIP Conf. Proc. -- April 1, 1995 -- Volume 329, pp. 203-206
  • First results obtained with a new type of an element-selective laser ion source for an on-line mass separation are presented. The concept of the ion source is based on laser resonance ionization of nuclear reaction products thermalized in a high-pressure noble gas. The fast and universal thermalization of reaction products in combination with high selectivity and high efficiency of resonance photo ionization allows to develop an element-pure source of short lived exotic nuclei.
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