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  • Wednesday, December 1, 1999
  • High incidence of penicillin resistance amongst clinical isolates of Streptococcus pneumoniae in northern Palestine
  • Published at:JOURNAL OF MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY Volume: 48 Issue: 12 Pages: 1107-1110 Published: DEC 1999
  • One hundred and thirteen consecutive isolates of Streptococcus pneumoniae were collected in Nablus, Palestine between March and Aug. 1997 from children,vith acute lower respiratory tract infections. Resistance rates were: penicillin 88%, cefuroxime 85%, erythromycin 63%, tetracycline 45%, chloramphenicol 27% and ofloxacin 2%. Resistances to erythromycin and cefuroxime were significantly associated with penicillin resistance. Ofloxacin may be useful against pneumococci resistant to traditional antimicrobial agents. Factors associated with penicillin resistance included hospitalisation and previous use of beta-lactam antibiotics.

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