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  • Monday, April 20, 2009
  • The Impact of violoncello Techniques on the modern style of playing on the Lute
  • ملخص دراسة ماجستير للاستاذ محمود رشدان بعنوان

    أثر تقنيات  الفيولون تشيللو على الاسلوب الحديث في العزف على العود





    The Impact of Violoncello Techniques on the Modern Style of

    Playing on the Lute



    Mahmoud Muneeb Ali Rashdan


    Prof. Dr. Abdel Hameed Hamam



    The study was concerned with the lute instrument and its description

    and with the development of the instrument in the arab-islamic

    civilization, in which renowned theorists and players on the lute were

    celebrated; and the study emphasizes on the more classical school of

    playing on the lute in terms of its style of playing on the lute, and on

    some of its pioneers in the Arab World. The study historically reviewed

    the cello instrument, its techniques, and its role in the developed

    techniques of playing on the lute.

    The purpose of the present study was to identify effects of some cello

    playing techniques, on modern style of playing on playing the lute by

    reviewing styles adopted by some talented players who pioneered the

    modern style of playing on the lute.

    To answer the study questions, interviews were made with recent

    players who use modern style of playing on the lute.

    The researcher developed questions specifically related to effects of

    the cello techniques on the modern style of playing on the lute. The

    questions were then shown to a number of lute players who were

    familiarized with playing on the cello too.

    Based on earlier procedure the cello techniques that were adapted

    from cello to be used with the lute were identified, including:

    1. Positioning.

    2. using the pick.

    3. Performance style.

    Results from the current study indicate that lute player took advantage

    from techniques used in playing on the cello which in fact improved their

    playing, technical, and composing skills.

    In light of earlier findings the researcher recommended adoption of the

    modern style in lute textbooks; develop modern style-based academic

    curricula that depend on finger digitizing style as is the case with playing

    on the cello. In addition, musicians are also invited to compose lute

    musical pieces based on the modern style that requires skilled

    performance and high technique; and also to encourage their search for

    new playing styles, and develop techniques of playing on the lute in order

    for this instrument to symbolize the musical advancement and



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