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  • Monday, April 13, 2009
  • Maternal Iron Deficiency Anemia & Birth Outcomes
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  • Study abstract

    The study discuss the prevalence of Maternal Iron Deficiency Anemia and pregnancy outcomes Among pregnant women In Nablus areas including Rafidia Governmental Hospital, Arab Specialist, & Nablus Specialist Hospital. To determine the effect of the timing of iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy on fetal growth and birth outcome, by using retrospective study to identify the effects of maternal- iron deficiency anemia on birth outcome & by using Self-designated questionnaire, self reported and filling questionnaire to collect data of sample size including (69) pregnant women. The sample collected randomly.

    One hypothesis were used to find significant statistical differences of this hypothesis  and the study provided that their was no causal relationship between maternal – iron deficiency anemia & birth outcomes.

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