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  • Tuesday, June 15, 1993
  • Olefin hydrogenation and isomerization catalysed by Ru3(CO)12 and its derivatives. Cluster vs. non-cluster catalysis
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  • The systems Ru3(CO)12·nL, (L = PPh3, CH3CN, (EtO)3Si(CH2)3NH2; n = 0–3, 15) have been employed as catalysts and/or catalyst precursors for thermal hydrogenation and isomerization reactions of 1-octene under moderate reaction conditions (1 atm at 70°C or below). In the hydrogenation reaction the system Ru3(CO)12/15CH3CN showed the highest activity, with turnover numbers up to 1000. For this system the kinetics indicated that the hydrogenation occurs via a lower nuclearity catalytic species formed by fragmentation of the mother cluster. On the other hand the isomerization reaction occurs, after a 10–20 min induction period, by higher-nuclearity catalytic species. The isomerization gave trans-2-octene only, and none of the cis-isomer. The effects of other factors on the rates of hydrogenation and isomerization reactions are described.


    Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, Volume 452, Issues 1-2, 15 June 1993, Pages 161-165

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