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Khaled F. A. Qamhieh
Martial Status:
July 29, 1962
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Research Area:
Urban and Architectural Conservation
Attended Conferences:
• 02/10/2012 “manifestations of the movement of history in the city of Nablus” Conference held at An-Najah National University with a paper titled “Nablus City Where to?”
• 2005 The Jordanian Engineering Association Conference held in An-Najah N. University campus, 2005.
• 22-23/9/2003 “The International Conference of Engineering and City Development” held at the Islamic University, Gaza, with a paper titled “Saving the Palestinian Heritage under the Israeli Occupation”.

• 1995 - 1997 I organized two regional workshops concerning the conservation of Old Town Nablus, in cooperation with the British Council and the Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies in York / UK.

• 05/09/1994 He participated in a training course held in Bir Zeit University with the corporation of Dutch Planners from the Delft University.
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Khaled F. A. Qamhieh
I am an Assistant Professor in both Graduate and undergraduate Programs of “Architectural Engineering” as well as in “Urban and Regional Planning\" Graduate Program at An-Najah National University.
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Please do not email me if you do not know me
Please do not e-mail me if you do not know me