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Belal Mahmoud M. Rahhal
Doctorate in Human Anatomy and Physiology
Martial Status:
August 31, 1976
Email Address:
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An-Najah Univ. - Faculty of Pharmacy
Mobile No.:
00972 599 362 8
University of Graduate:
University of Goettingen, Germany
Research Area:
1- Neuroscience (neuroanatomy and neurophysiology)

2- Physiological effects of the medical plants
Attended Conferences:
I joined the following conferences and workshops:
1- The 5th Jordanian conference for medical and biological sciences (2002, Jordan)
2- Neuroplasticity: from molecules to system (Toskana, Italy, 2004)
3- The 30th Goettingen Neurobiology conference (Goettingen, Germany, 2005)
4- The 6th meeting of the german neuroscience society (Goettingen, 2005)
5- Anatomy and physiology of the synapse- synaptic transmission (Germany, 2005)
6- International neuroscience conference (Dubai, UAE, 2005)
7- 5th Forum of european neuroscince conference (Vienna, 2006)
8- Challenges in the discovery of novel therapeutics for neurological and psychiatric diseases (workshop, Vienna, 2006)
9- Neurotrain course for PhD students in Europe (Austria, 2006)
10- How to prepare a successful grant (workshop, Austria, 2006)
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Belal Mahmoud M. Rahhal
Human Anatomy and Physiology
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Please do not email me if you do not know me
Please do not e-mail me if you do not know me