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  • Monday, February 23, 2009
  • IT & Architectural Education (A Proposal for Revising The Architectural Teaching Process at An-Najah University, Palestine)
  • Abstract

     The aim of this study is to develop a proposal for upgrading the architectural teaching process at An-Najah University, Palestine, based on transfer for effective technology-enhanced architectural learning.


    In view of the fact that An-Najah University is developing a self-established experience in this domain the approach used, in this study, concentrates on analysing related leading efforts and achievements in different parts of the world. An understanding that each case is unique and may not be suitable to be totally adopted in other places is recognized. Main strategies of the proposed plan depend on gradual, instead of sudden, integration using available training resources. Promoting for the awareness of the capabilities of the new technology to support An-Najah Architectural Department in achieving teaching goals and facing challenges are used as an approach to gain the essential support for the upgrading process.


    This study highlights the institutions individual initiatives and displays responsibilities falling upon the shoulders of innovative educators, primarily trained as architects, to carry out the effective transfer of the best practise in technology-enhanced architectural learning, this is simultaneously with supporting collaborative efforts of different disciplines, including the industry, to develop this technology

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