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  • Saturday, February 21, 2015
  • Potential of Biomass as an Alternative Fuel in Palestine- Amounts and methods of conversion
  • Published at:Fifth international Energy Conference, Ramallah, Palestine, 2015
  • these days, there is much talk about the alternative fuel and clean-burning as an alternative for petrol. Palestine is known to be very poor country in terms of fossil fuel resources. At the same time, energy alternatives are not defined well specially the non-conventional types such as biomass. Biomass can be defined as material which is recently derived from animals, and plants that use sunlight to grow.
    In this research, all types and amount of biomass that exist in Palestine that can be used as an alternative fuel for petrol was analyzed  and defined by a comprehensive field survey. The sources of clean and alternative energy which depend on the biomass using traditional and new technologies were discussed.
    This research aims to investigate the biomass and new process to find out a durable and a reliable alternative energy source for Palestinians.
    All results in this study showed biomass waste can be used to produce a new energy source in the form of clean fuel and high efficienc
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  • Thursday, January 1, 2009
  • Solar Energy Refrigeration by Liquid-Solid Adsorption Technique
  • The design, construction and operation of a solid adsorption solar cooler are presented in this work. Granular activated carbon-methanol as the adsorbent /adsorbate pair was used. The System has three important components: collector/adsorber, condenser and evaporator.
    A flat plate type collector made of stainless steel with effective exposed area of 0.95m² was used. Two types of condensers were tested, the first one was a helical copper tube immersed in water tank and the other one was a finned stainless steel tube.
    Solar radiation was simulated using an electrical heater regulated by a solid state relay and potentiometer. The experimental work was focused on optimizing the suitable amount of activated carbon/methanol pairs, the influence of regenerator temperature, and the influence of solar flux on the performance of the system.
    It was found that regenerator temperature greater than 100 °C was necessary to release methanol from the activated carbon.
    The operating press
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  • Sunday, June 1, 2008
  • oxygen enriched combustion of high emission fuels
  • The main purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of using oxygen enriched combustion (OEC) technology with high emission fuels (biodiesel and petro-diesel in different ratios) on an experimental four stroke internal combustion engine (ICE) Volkswagen passat and a water heating boiler. To do so, an experimental setup was prepared for each case. In both cases, the intake air was enriched by injecting pure oxygen to the combustion chamber and ensure appropriate mixing before reaching the flame, the highest oxygen enrichments levels are 24% in ICE and 27% in the boiler. A Bacharach module 300 combustion analyzer was used in order to monitor the required oxygen enriched intake air level and to measure the combustion process emissions.
    For internal combustion engine, it has been shown that using higher intake air oxygen concentrations with pure petro-diesel fuel or blended fuel (petro-diesel with biodiesel) increase the exhaust gas temperature obviously, the highest exhaust temperat
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  • Saturday, December 1, 2007
  • Cooling of High Heat Flux Electronic Devices by Two Phase Thermosyphon System
  • Published at:Master Thesis - An-Najah National University
  • Two phase closed thermosyphon system for cooling high heat flux electronic devices is built in the laboratory and tested under different operating conditions.
    This Study presents an experimental investigation on the heat transfer coefficient, temperature difference between the evaporator and the refrigerant inside evaporator channels, overall heat transfer coefficient, and overall thermal resistance in two-phase thermosyphon system. Investigations are carried out at different conditions: different system pressures, two different types of refrigerants R134a and R22, two different evaporator designs, natural and forced convection heat transfer mode in the condenser. The heat flux and the amount of refrigerant are the manipulated parameters in the system.
    It is found that the heat transfer coefficient increases almost linearly with the applied heat to the evaporator, and reduced pressure. It is also highly dependant on the type of refrigerant, because the performance of the refrigerant R134a like
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  • Monday, August 27, 2007
  • Methodology for Disinfectant Dose Evaluation, Modelling, and Optimization in Drinking Water in Small Middle Eastern Cities - Nablus City (Palestine) as a Case Study
  • The City of Nablus relies on groundwater resources for water supply. Water is collected in central reservoirs and later distributed to the designated areas through a water distribution network. Due to the expansiveness of the network, the remoteness of the water sources, and the weariness in the network pipes and joints, chlorine concentrations were found to be way below the minimum allowable limits. This study investigated the disinfection problems that exist in the water network of Nablus. A composite database for the last 9 years (1996-2005) was created to facilitate the spatial and temporal assessment. Assessment of the current chlorination practice for a selected area within the Nablus drinking water network was carried out through a development of water network quality model using the GIS technology and EPANET.  The model simulates the water flow in pipes, pressure at the supply nodes, and chlorine concentration distribution in pipes and nodes. Results of the analysis of the composite database show
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