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I am interested in the incidence of poisoning, poison management, rational drug use, and medication-induced adverse effects.

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  • Saturday, January 24, 2009
  • Analysis of prescription dispensed at community pharmacies in Palestine.
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  • Sawalha AF, Sweileh WM, Zyoud SH, Al-Jabi SW, Bni Shamseh FF, Odah AA. Analysis of Prescription dispensed at Community Pharmacies in Palestine. Accepted at Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal. (2009) [Publisher: Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office of the World Health Organization, Country where published: Egypt]. Accepted 18 January 2009

    Background and Objective:
    Rational prescribing is a key element in clinical practice. The present study investigated the prescription quality and prescribing trends of private clinicians in Nablus governate, Palestine. Method: Prescriptions were collected from a random sample of community pharmacies. Data regarding a checklist of elements in the prescription as well as the types of drug classes prescribed were entered and analyzed using SPSS. Result: A total of 363 prescriptions were collected from 36 community pharmacies during a study period of 288 working hours. Physician related variables were mostly present. However, patient’s address and weight were absent in all prescriptions. Less than half of the prescriptions included information regarding age and gender of the patient. Information regarding strength of the medications prescribed was deficient in most prescriptions. However, other drug related variables, like frequency and instruction of use were present in the majority of prescriptions. Antimicrobial agents were the most commonly prescribed followed by NSAIDs/analgesics class. Of the antimicrobial agents, amoxicillin alone or in combination was the most commonly prescribed followed by cefuroxime. Conclusion: In general, prescription writing quality in Nablus, Palestine is deficient in certain aspects and improvement is required. Areas of further improvement include writing age and sex of patient as well as the importance of prescribing drugs by generic name. Over-prescribing of antibiotics as well as other drug classes require close monitoring. A pharmaco-epidemiology center is needed to monitor and enhance rational drug use.

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  • sahina said...
  • you have to publish full documents that you hav used in this study...
  • Monday, September 28, 2009
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