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  • Thursday, February 17, 2000
  • Some quality characteristics of eggs marketed in North of West Bank (Palestine)
  • Published at:Revue Med.Vet
  • A total of 720 eggs were purchased from three different places : super­markets, public markets, and broiler selling shops, were examined for shell cleanliness, Haugh unit, yolk color, and shell thickness. Price per kg egg mass was also calculated for the three different consumer channels mentio­ned above.

    Source of eggs found to have a significant effect on egg weight, Hugh unit and price per kg egg mass. Eggs obtained from super markets had signifi­cantly (P < 0.05) the lowest weight, the highest (P < 0.01) percentage of weight class 'small' and 'pewee1, and stained, checked eggs. Similarly, eggs from super markets had the lowest interior quality. However, these eggs were of more shell thickness and the more prices per egg mass unit.

    Most of the eggs tested were of grade (AA) in regard to the interior qua­lity. However, eggs obtained from the broiler selling shops had the highest percentages of the 'jumbo' and the 'extra large' grades.


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