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  • Sunday, December 22, 2002
  • Response of Broiler Chicks to a High Olive Pulp Diet Supplemented with Two Antibiotics
  • Published at:Dirasat,Agriculture Sciences.
  • A total of 210 twenty two- day-old broiler chicks were used in this programme to investigale the performance, [ca\ intake, digestibility and visceral organ mass of broiler chicks fed with high level of olive pulp.supplemented with two antibiotics: streptomycin and tylosin. The two antibiotics were added to supply 150 nig/kg of the active ingredient. Chicks which consumed the medicated diets had more (p<0.05) gain compared to chicks which consumed the basal diet. However, streptomycin caused more (p<0.05) gain compared to tylosin. Antibiotics had no effect on feed intake. The chicks that consumed the antibiotics had heavier (p<0.05) weights of edible, inedible organs and small intestine but lower weights of large intestine and cecum. The digestibility of dry matter,'crude protein and nitrogen free extract increased (p<0.05) in chicks fed with the medicated diets compared to the chicks fed with the basal diet. It is concluded that antibiotic supplementation had a positive effect on chick's performance and digestibility.




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