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  • Wednesday, April 21, 1982
  • Fighting for the Powerless to Be Born : A Study in Contemporary British Drama
  • Published at:MI Publications , Ann Arber , Michigan,1982
  •          This study/dissertation is an examination of  a new trend in contemporary British theatre (specifically from 1968-1980) and a distilling of the issues central to this new trend , issues that are national and yet can not be more universal .

    The study also explicates the theory of art that inspires, and , guides , the writers of this new trend ( e.g., Brenton, Hare, Barker, Edgar, Bond, McGrath , Arden and Griffiths ), and evaluates their view of the function  of drama , and the dramatist , in society and their concept of theatre which undoubtedly  informs the structure of their writing in plays that , by critical consensus  , are regarded as their best .

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