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  • Friday, February 1, 2002
  • Numerical Analysis to Solve the Hydraulics of Trickle Irrigation Units
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  • A model to solve the hydraulics of trickleirrigation units is developed in thisstudy. This model is based on utilizingNewton Raphson technique. The modelconverts laterals into equivalent outletsthrough utilizing a simple power relationbetween inlet lateral discharge andhydraulic head. This relation is obtainedthrough least squares analysis betweeninlet lateral discharge and hydraulic head. This study showed that this relation withonly two coefficients is sufficient todescribe the relation between inlet lateraldischarge and hydraulic head. Based onthis relation, the model converts manifoldlines into equivalent laterals and solvestheir hydraulics by Newton Raphsontechnique. After that solution, the modelevaluates trickle irrigation units byestimating statistical uniformity andChristiansen uniformity coefficients andchecks the solution obtained throughforward step method for each lateral. Several numerical examples for utilizingthe model are presented in this paper.


    Irrigation and Drainage Systems, Volume 16, Number 1 / February, 2002


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