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  • Friday, March 16, 2007
  • The Hidden Role of Cultural Factors on Foreign Direct Investment Mobility to Jordan
  • This paper presents results of a survey that has been conducted to analyze and trace

    the significant factors that affect FDI inflow to the Jordanian market. The survey findings

    are expected to contribute to a better understanding of trends and prospects of FDI

    inflows to Jordan; through concentrating on the following broad objects: First identifying

    the main risks that affect FDI inflows to Jordan. Second: exploring the main components

    of each factor (economical, political, and cultural) that contributed most to FDI decision

    making in Jordan.

    Using a Conditional Logit model, it is found that despite the political factors to have

    most significant influence on FDI decision to Jordan, there is a significant hidden role of

    the cultural factors that drive political ones; in the way political factors could be

    considered as a result of hidden cultural factors. Such conclusion, the importance of

    cultural factors, couldn


    t be clear even for several policy makers in the Middle East

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