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  • Saturday, September 1, 2001
  • Index to An-Najah Journal for Research (Human Sciences and Natural Sciences) 1993 - 2000
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  • In the year 2000, Documentation, Manuscripts and Publishing Center combined with the Library of An-Najah National University and became one of its departments.


    The first volume of the An-Najah Journal Index was published in 1993 for the year 1983 -1992. While the second volume 1992 – 2000 contains articles of An-Najah Journal of Research: Human Sciences from number 7 for the year 1992, and the articles of An-Najah Journal Research: Natural Sciences from number 8 for the year 1993.


    Each article has the following bibliographical descriptions:

    §                      The article’s author

    §                      The article’s title

    §                      The journal’s name

    §                      The volume number or the issue number

    §                      The issue date

    §                      The pages number


    An-Najah Journal Index is divided into two parts according to the article’s language: Arabic and English. It contains the following indexes for each language:

    §                      Authors Index

    §                      Title Index

    §                      Subject Index


    The An-Najah Journal Index has been arranged alphabetically. For the author’s index arranged alphabetically by surname for both Arabic and English names.


    The following appriviations are used:

    §                      H: Human Sciences Journal

    §                      N: Natural Sciences Journal

    §                      Vol: Volume of the Journal

    §                      No: Number of the Journal

    §                      PP: from page to page

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