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  • Tuesday, March 16, 2010
  • Measurement of Neutral Gas Temperatures in Nitrogen-Corona Discharges
  • Published at:Indian Journal of Physics
  • Conditionally Accepted, Ind. J. Physics

    Measurement of Neutral Gas Temperatures in Nitrogen-Corona Discharges


    Siham Khedim1, Ali Cheknane*2, Boumediène.Benyoucef1 and Hikmat  S. Hilal3

    1Abou-beker Belkaid University- Tlemcen,

    B.P. 119, 13000, Tlemcen, Algeria

     2Laboratoire d’Etude et Développement des matériaux Diélectriques et Semiconducteurs, Université Amar Telidji de Laghouat, Algérie

    3Department of Chemistry, An-Najah N. University, PO Box 7, Nablus, West bank, Palestine


    *Corresponding author: E-mail: [email protected]



    The temperature of neutral gas of the nitrogen-corona discharge has been measured using a Mach-Zehnder interferometer. The variation of the optical path in the interferometer has been measured, together with the refraction index. Density variations were also calculated. Values of measured temperatures of the neutrals in the corona discharge were obtained under both positive and negative coronas. 





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