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  • Tuesday, January 1, 2002
  • Olefin Oxidation reactions with crown-ether solubilized potassium permanganate
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  • M. Al-Subu, S. Dado, W. Jondi and H. S. HilalTransition Metal Chemistry, 27(2), (2002), 223-227



    The kinetics of oxidation of 1-octene and heptanal by 18-crown-6-ether-solubilized KMnO

    4 in benzene and CH2Cl2 have been investigated. In benzene, the oxidation of 1-octene is first order with respect to the oxidant and zero order with respect to the substrate, whereas in CH2Cl2 the reaction is first order with respect to both substrate and oxidant. The reaction of heptanal followed different kinetics being first order with respect to both substrate and oxidant, regardless of whether benzene or CH2Cl2 was employed as the solvent. The values of activation energy Ea, standard enthalpy DH, standard entropy change DS, and standard free energy DG, for the reaction, are reported. Mechanistic pathways for the studied reactions are also proposed.

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