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1) Advanced Materials & Nanotech 2) Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis 3) Water purification 4) Renewable Energies 5) Semiconductor Surface Modification 6) Thin Film preparation and Characterization

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  • Wednesday, January 1, 1992
  • Involvement of Co2(CO)8(-PPh)2 catalysts in olefin hydroformylation
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  • H. S. Hilal, C.U.Pittman, Jr., and M. G. Richmond,

    Chapter inresearch book:" Catalysis in Organic Reactions", Marcel Dekker, Inc., N.Y., Chapter 27, (1992), p. 307-335.

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Organometallics (organic and inorganic), Materials, Catalysis, Semiconductors, Photoelectro-chemistry
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