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  • Friday, January 1, 1993
  • Investigation of catalytic activity of poly(siloxane)-supported tetra(-4-pyridyl)porphyrinatomanganese(III) in oxidation reactions
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  • H. S. Hilal*, C.Kim and A.F.Schreiner,  J. Mol. Catal., 81(1993)157-165


    Supported tetra(4-pyridyl)porphyrinatomanganese (III),

    [ MnIII(TPyP) ]+, has been used as a chemically regenerated catalyst for the oxidation of cyclohexene to cyclohex-2-en-l-one. NaBH4was used to reduce [MnIII(TPyP)]+ back to its catalytically active Mn” form. The reaction was selective to produce the cyclohexenone, and the catalyst showed high activity, with turnovers upto 14 X 103. The effects of solvent, temperature, recovery, and reactant concentrations on the rate of the reaction have also been studied. The rate of the reaction was first order with respect to the  catalyst. At higher olefin or oxygen concentrations the reaction was slower. A slower reaction was observed also in the absence of NaBH,. The reaction was faster in nonpolar solvents than in polar ones. These results are also discussed.


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