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  • Sunday, November 30, 0000
  • The Role of Economic Incentive in Environmental Protection under Weak Enforcement of Environmental Law - The Experience of An-Najah University-Palestine
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  • In today\'s world، there are several incentives for industry to commit itself to serious environmental protection practices. These include strict environmental laws، better public image، genuine environmental consciousness، and last but not least، the desire for revenue by recycling and re-using waste material. In the Palestinian territories، on the other hand، a special situation exists in which environment protection laws are un-enforced due to rough political conditions. Moreover، the environment comes low on the ordinary Palestinian citizen\'s priority list compared to all other daily hardships. To tackle this problem، our approach was \"pollution prevention pays\". It was found that simple and effective recycle techniques can bring about significant savings to the Palestinian industry which makes them very interested in applying such recycle techniques. The outcomes of two studies for textile and dairy industries are discussed in this work.

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Hassan Ali Arafat
Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering Professor with research and teaching interests in water and wastewater processes (especially desalination), environmental Protection, and quality assurance in higher education and academic performance assessment and development.
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