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  • Saturday, January 1, 2005
  • On the Adsorption of Aromatics on Oxygenated Activated Carbon in Nonaqueous Adsorption Media
  • In a previous study, H-bonding was postulated as a mechanism of adsorption for aromatics on oxygen-containing activated carbon. To verify this, the adsorption of phenol, aniline, benzene, and nitrobenzene was studied as a function of surface oxygen groups. It was determined that there is a linear correlation between total surface acidity and adsorption capacity for H-bonding adsorbates in cyclohexane. Flow microcalorimetry (FMC) and ultrasonic desorption tests also indicate stronger and less reversible adsorption bonds for H-bonding adsorbates. Reversibility of adsorption decreased with increasing surface oxygen concentration, indicating a strong relationship between the oxygen groups and adsorption mechanism.
    Separation Science and Technology, Volume 39, Issue 1 January 2005 , pages 43 - 62
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Hassan Ali Arafat
Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering Professor with research and teaching interests in water and wastewater processes (especially desalination), environmental Protection, and quality assurance in higher education and academic performance assessment and development.
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