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  • Friday, September 21, 2001
  • Experimental verification of caustic-side solvent extraction for removal of cesium from tank waste.
  • Published at:12th Symposium on Separation Science and Technology for Energy Applications
  • The objectives of this report are: to demonstrate complete CSSX process flowsheet (proof of concept)--decontamination factor{ge} 40,000, and concentration factor{approx}15; Scientific and technical issues evaluated--stage efficiency, temperature control, hydraulic performance, long time (multi-day) operation, short-term shutdown, effect of solids, and recovery from Cs moving through strip section.


    12th Symposium on Separation Science and Technology for Energy Applications, Gatlinburg, TN (US), 10/15/2001--10/18/2001 ; PBD: 21 Sep 2001



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