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Falah Mohammed
Doctorate in HIgh Frequency Electronics
Martial Status:
July 3, 1974
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University of Graduate:
Queen's University, Belfast, UK
Research Area:
microwave/RF measurements, RF component characterisation,non-linear device characterisation, Non Linear Transmission Lines
Attended Conferences:
1. M. Falah, D. Linton, “High data rate pulse regeneration using Non-Linear Transmission Line technology (NLTL),” 6th IEEE High Frequency Postgraduate Student Colloquium, September 2001, pp. 136-141., Republic of Ireland
2. M. Falah. D. Linton, J. Williamson, “Non-linear Transmission line (NLTL) for pulse compression and improvement of the eye diagram in 2.5 Gbits communication systems,” Postgraduate Research Conference in Electronics, Photonics, Communications and Software, April 2003, pp. 101-102, UK
3.M. Falah, D. Linton, J. Williamson, F. Ruddell and H. Gamble, “Silicon Non-Linear Transmission Line Pulse Compressor,” Asia Pacific Microwave Conference, December 2004, India
4. M. Falah. D. Linton, J. Williamson, “Bandwidth improvement using Pulse compression within an electro optic system for high bit rate telecommunications,” The first GCC Industrial Electrical & Electronics Conference, may 2003
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Falah Mohammed
HIgh Frequency Electronics
Falah Mohammed is presently an assistant professor in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Najah National University, Nablus. I received PhD from Queen's university, Belfast, UK in 2000.
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