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  • Thursday, March 22, 2001
  • Pattern and Factors Affecting Pap Smear Test in Nablus, a Retrospective Study
  • Published at:Middle East Journal of Family Medicine, 2004; Vol. 4 (4)
  • Background: This retrospective study was performed at the Family Practice clinic, Nablus, in the West Bank/Palestine. The objective of the study was to determine pattern and factors influencing pap smear test, and involved 201 women visiting the clinic for different gynecologic problems during the year 2002. Methods: We analyzed the records of all patients who had pap smear done during this period, categorizing their age, occupation, level of education, their obstetric history including number of deliveries, methods of contraception, and menstrual period regularity. Results: About 12% of the study sample had abnormal (precursors of cervical cancer) results and the majority (88%) had normal and benign changes. There was no statistically significant relationship between the cervical cytology pap results and age, occupation, education, smoking, parity, contraceptive method or frequency of genital infections. Conclusion: More than 50% of women in the study heard about pap test through their doctor. Primary health care doctors and gynecologists are encouraged to offer pap tests for their patients. A screening program for cervical cancer is called for through collaboration between all Palestinian health providers.

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