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  • Friday, July 27, 2007
  • Features of Dialect Variation in AL-Fara`a
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  • This study was intended to look for some features of dialect variation designated by AL-Fara`a who compiled them in his look Ma`ani AL-Qura`n. It addressed the three linguistic levels of Arabic: the phonological, the morphological and the syntactical, related to different issues of the Arabic language .

                The study has  pointed out,in the one hand, that the stated dialects are indicative of large investment as well as clear interest in Arabic Speech employed by AL-Fara`a in order to discover the meanings of AL-Qura`n and construct its regulations and rules, and that all these dialects are not suitable for building up rules, according to AL-Fara`a who denied and rejected some of them and described others as errors or grammatically incomplete on the other hand.              

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