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  • Monday, August 1, 2005
  • Critical behavior of the ultrasonic attenuation for the binary mixtures of benzene-coconut oil and hexane-beta, beta '-dichloroethyl ether
  • Published at:ACTA ACUSTICA UNITED WITH ACUSTICA Volume: 91 Issue: 4 Pages: 716-722 Published: JUL-AUG 2005
  • Ultrasonic absorption and velocity measurements were made as a function of temperature for the binary mixtures of benzene-coconut oil and hexane-beta, beta'-dichloroethyl ether. Ultrasonic absorption at 5, 7, 10, 15, 2 1, and 25 MHz and above T-c is a analyzed by the dynamic scaling theory of Ferrell and Bhattacharjee (FB). The ultrasonic absorption of the two binary mixtures exhibit strong temperature and frequency dependence near T-c. Ultrasonic velocity behaves as a linearly decreasing function of temperature above the critical temperature satisfying linear relation. The observed of alpha(c)/f(2) VS. f(-1.06) yields a straight line as predicted by FB theory. Experimental values of alpha/alpha(c), for the two binary critical mixtures are compared to the scaling function F(omega*).

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