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  • Monday, October 1, 1990
  • Critical behavior of the ultrasonic attenuation and velocity and shear viscosity for the binary mixture of nitrobenzene-n-hexane
  • Published at:J. Acoust. Soc. Am. Volume 88, Issue 4, pp. 1831-1836 (October 1990)
  • Ultrasonic velocity and absorption as a function of temperature, concentration, and frequency (5–25 MHz) and shear viscosity as a function of concentration and temperature are reported for the binary mixture nitrobenzene-n-hexane in the homogeneous phase above Tc. For the observed absorption at critical concentration and critical temperature alphac/f2 vs f–1.06 yields a straight line as predicted by the dynamic scaling theory of Ferrell and Bhattacharjee [Phys. Rev. A 24, 1643 (1981)]. Also, the critical amplitudes of the thermal expansion and specific heat have been calculated using the two-scale factor universality relation. The adiabatic coupling constant g is calculated and compared to the experimental value. In addition, the experimental values of alpha/alphac (where alpha is the absorption at critical concentration above the critical temperature) for nitrobenzene-n-hexane are compared to the scaling function F(omega*) and show a good agreement with the theory. Finally, the velocity for the system at the critical concentration above the critical temperature appears to decrease linearly with increasing temperature.
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