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  • Tuesday, January 1, 2002
  • Concentration and Temperature Dependence of Shear Viscosity of the Critical Mixture of Nitroethane and 3-Methylpentane
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  • Shear viscosity coefficients of nitroethane and 3-methylpentane mixture have been measured using digital viscometer. The measured values were over the entire concentration range above the critical temperature (Tc = 299.590 K) in the range 0.040 ? T- Tc ? 18.570 K. The results above the critical temperature Tc were analyzed by the mode coupling theory. The anomaly of shear viscosity was detected as a function of temperature and concentration. A least square fit near the critical temperature yields a value of noncritical part of shear viscosity ?0 = 0.358 cP. The Debye momentum cutoff qD and the constant A in the mode coupling approach were determined. Our values of ?0 and A are in good agreement with the literature values.


    An-Najah University Journal for Research - Natural Sciences (A) ISSN: 1727-2114
    Volume 16 , Issue 2 , 2002, Pages: 117-124

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