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  • Wednesday, January 1, 1992
  • Catalytic Determination of Molybdenum by Means of the Sodium Perborate Bromide Ascorbic-Acid Landolt Reaction Using Potentiometric Measurements
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  • A new catalytic method for the determination of 0.1-10 ppm molybdenum is described. Molybdenum catalyses the perborate - bromide ascorbic acid Landolt reaction at pH 3.64. The rate is monitored by potentiometry. A calibration graph is based on the ratio of the reaction times for the blank and the sample, (t(o)/t(c), plotted against the concentration of molybdenum. Optimal conditions for the determination are discussed. Also the effect of various ions and interferences, are described.


    ANALYTICAL LETTERS    Volume: 25    Issue: 6    Pages: 1111-1118    Published: 1992  

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