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  • Tuesday, March 1, 1994
  • A Spectroscopic Study of Preferential Solvation of Fe(bipy)2(CN)2 in Binary Aqueous 2-Ethoxy Ethanol Mixtures
  • Published at:Spectroscopy Letters, Volume 27, Issue 3 March 1994 , pages 333 - 340
  • Preferential Solvation of bis-(2,2'-bipyridyl) biscyanoiron(II) was investigated in 2-ethoxy ethanol water binary aqueous mixtures. The treatment showed that preferential solvation by 2-ethoxy ethanol occurs. The preferential solvation constant at 298.15° K was found to be equal to (4.96 ± 0.06) and the free energy of preferential solvations ΔG has a value of 3.97° KJ mol-1
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