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  • Monday, June 11, 2001
  • The Victimization of America
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  • Certainly, the attacks on the United States have roots. As an Arab, I understand why so many Arabs and Moslems hate the US and look at it as a power of evil. The US is being accused of robbing the wealth of the Arabs and insisting on dominating over the Arab countries particularly the Gulf States. It is also pointed at as a supporter of Arab and Moslem dictatorships that have no respect for basic human rights. But above all, the US is the prime supporter of Israel which is considered as a strange cancerous body in the area. The US extends economic, political, diplomatic and military aid to Israel without the least consideration for Arab feelings, and puts so much effort to obstruct attempts toward Arab independence or unity. For the sake of Israel, partially at least, the US has so far attacked Libya, The Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan, the Syrian troops in Lebanon and Iraq, and have been imposing embargoes in one way or another on these countries. Besides, the US has been trying relentlessly to prevent Arabs and Moslems from acquiring weapons of mass-destruction at the time it doesn’t even criticize Israel’s nuclear arsenal.

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