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  • Monday, June 8, 2009
  • Blood for Bread
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  • Obama has come, Obabma has gone and the theme is still the same: blood for bread is the magic solution for the Palestinian problem. You Palestinians must abide by the necessities of Israeli security the way Israel sees fit, if you want to sustain a shaky salary by the end of the month. The Palestinian must arrest his/her fellow Palestinian, or kill him/her for the bare subsistence salary to flow. Kill your Palestinian fellow brother or sister and be sure of receiving a loaf of bread next day.

    The American policy toward the Palestinians is one of the most ruthless and merciless in the history of mankind. It recruits Palestinians, train them, equip them with lethal instruments through the stooge Arab regimes so as to fight those Palestinians who seek to regain their own liberty and liberate their occupied land. The US claims to be the champion of human rights and freedom at the very moment it carries mass massacres and pogroms directly or indirectly in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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