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  • Saturday, November 9, 1996
  • The Connotation Of Color In The Poetry Of Antara
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  • This research undertakes the subjects of color in the poetry of Antara and are the relationship between colors and tteop eh’s inner self. The poet develops a psychological complex related to those colors. The mere color of the face decides a person’s position in   his society; the notion disgusted our poets and brought him to the verge of rebellion

    The poet distinguished between two issues; appearance and essence through his logical and convincing style. Man’s value is determined by how much be offers to humanity and not by standards and measures related to his apparent and seeming aspects. Such aspects took scared preference in the Jahilya society the black color as Antara understood it is not a physical defect in itself, the white color, consequently is not a surplus .Man’s value, therefore lies in his virtuous and humanistic principles.

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