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  • Friday, September 1, 1995
  • The application of a neural network methodology to the analysis of a dyeing operation
  • Published at:ANNIE `95: artificial neural networks in engineering, St. Louis, MO (United States), 12-15 Nov 1995; Other Information: PBD: [1995]
  • The purpose of a dyeing process is to impart into a fiber a color that has desirable qualities through the use of a bath solution. The success of an operation is dependent on a variety of factors including fiber content, dye composition, dyebath pH, time, and temperature. In the event of a failed run, the addition of a correct amount of each dye that will move the dye run from a fail condition to a pass condition is a subjective judgement of an experienced operator. This paper presents a neural network approach for analyzing the dyeing process. Predictions of dye additions were obtained with promising results.

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Amjed Mahmoud Muhammad Al-Ghanim
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