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  • Monday, January 1, 1996
  • Automated process monitoring using statistical pattern recognition techniques on X-bar control charts
  • Published at:Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering, 1996, Volume: 2
  • Quality control charts are statistical process control tools aimed at monitoring a (manufacturing) process to detect any deviations from normal operation and to aid in process diagnosis and correction. The information presented on the chart is a key to the successful implementation of a quality process correction system. Pattern recognition methodology has been pursued to identify unnatural behaviour on quality control charts. This approach provides the ability to utilize patterning information of the chart and to track back the root causes of process deviation, thus facilitating process diagnosis and maintenance. Presents analysis and development of a statistical pattern recognition system for the explicit identification of unnatural patterns on control charts. Develops a set of statistical pattern recognizers based on the likelihood ratio approach and on correlation analysis. Designs and implements a training algorithm to maximize the probability of identifying unnatural patterns, and presents a classification procedure for real-time operation. Demonstrates the system performance using a set of newly defined measures, and obtained results based on extensive experiments illustrate the power and usefulness of the statistical approach for automating unnatural pattern detection on control charts.

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