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  • Wednesday, January 1, 2003
  • A statistical approach linking energy management to maintenance and production factors
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  • This research has addressed a quantitative approach for improving energy management through applying statistical techniques aimed at identifying and controlling factors linked to energy consumption rates at manufacturing plants. The paper presents analysis and results of multiple linear regression models used to establish the significance of a number of energy related management factors in controlling energy usage. Regression models constructed for this purpose proved the existence of statistically valid relationships between electrical energy consumption and maintenance and production management factors, namely, failure rate and production rate, where R2 values of the magnitude of 65 per cent were obtained. Furthermore, an economical treatment based on the derived regression models was formulated and demonstrated that effective management practices associated with proper maintenance, cost accounting and reporting systems can result in highly significant savings in energy usage.

    Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering, 2003, Volume: 9 , Issue: 1 , Page: 25 - 37


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